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The blog is where we'll post news, updates, information about objects in our collection, #betterworkstories, profiles of staff members and visitors, pictures and videos, and really anything we think you'd find interesting. We hope you enjoy. 

If there's a topic you'd like us to do a post about, or a post that you think needs a sequel, just let us know!

So long!

The final blog from Claire, saying goodbye to the JOIDES Resolution。

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Parties and puzzles

The eleventh blog from Claire, telling us about what will happen with the cores that the JOIDES Resolution have drilled.

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秒速快3 New Zealand, but not as we know it!

The tenth blog from Claire, telling us about New Zealand's geological history

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What lies beyond the labs

The ninth blog from Claire, telling us about the ship beyond the labs

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The Tiny Keepers of Time

The eighth blog from Claire, discussing what will be found in the cores

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Feeling the flow

The seventh blog from Claire, telling us all about cores.

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Getting Sedimental

The sixth blog from Claire, drilling down about rocks。

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Time to stretch your brain

秒速快3The fifth blog from Claire, telling us all about the Cretaceous – Paleogene boundary。

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How do I get to my lifeboat!

The fourth blog from Claire, telling us all about lifeboats.

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Tips for a happy co-existence

The third blog from Claire, telling us all about shipboard life.

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